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@theland is a 3 acre plot of land in the heart of England, Meriden. It was purchased with the intention of keeping horses and has since grown into a diverse piece of land that is home to horses, pigs, chickens and bees. We encourage the natural habitats of the animals that live here and love to share this unique place with others.


We specialise in one-to-one experiences where we offer the chance to get up close and learn about our horses, pigs, hens and bees. Our animals all have a story to tell, where they have came from, to the life they now live. The team @theland are dedicated to the animals and ensure they maintain the highest of welfare standards. With over 25 years of experience you are sure to learn something new.

We aim to provide an insight into the skills and knowledge needed to look after a range of animals and invite you to bring your sense of adventure and appreciation for the great outdoors.