Love horses? Want to know what it is like to look after a horse?


Come and learn all about our horses in a 1 hour session where you will gain knowledge about:


  • Feeding and maintaining a healthy gut 

  • Cleaning and grooming 

  • Field management

  • Catching & turning out horses (time permitting)

  • Fitting, removing and maintaining tac (time permitting)

  • Carrying out routine care and monitoring the Health and Well-being of Horses

  • Handling and exercising horses (weather permitting)

  • Horse mannerisms and herd behaviour

Meet our horses, learn about their routines and their herd hierarchy. 

What to expect

You will arrive @theland and take a tour of our 3 acre plot. We will go through some basic safety information (approx 10min).

During the horse experience you will gain knowledge about each of our horses and their story. We will explain about field and stable management, their routines, herd behaviour, and then you will get to meet the horse you will be grooming. You will be shown how to bring the horse in from the field and be able to guide it down to the stables. We will show you how to groom the horse to a good standard (approx 30mins). We will tac up a horse ready for riding (time permitting) and explain what commands are used for getting the horse to stand, walk and trot. This is called lunging (approx 20mins, weather permitting). You will finish the session by feeding the horses and getting a photo with them.


Please ensure you wear appropriate clothing and footwear. It's advised to wear wellies or walking boots, gloves and waterproof clothing. 


We ask you to join us with a sense of open-mindedness. When working with animals, the schedule revolves around them.