Want to know what it is like to look after pigs or chickens?

Come and learn all about our 2 Kune Kune pigs and our chickens in an hour master class. You will learn about:

  • Their background and breed

  • Feeding 

  • Maintaining their skin, coats and feathers

  • Pig mannerisms and flock behaviour

  • Their habitat & how to manage it

  • Carrying out routine care and monitoring the Health and Well-being of chickens and pigs

Meet our pigs & chickens, learn about their routines and their flock hierarchy. 

What to expect

You will arrive @theland and take a tour of our 3 acre plot. We will go through some basic safety information (approx 10mins).

During the pig & chicken experience you will gain knowledge about each of our pigs, their breed and their story. We will introduce the chickens and explain about their background and breed too. We will introduce you to our pigs and you will get to groom them. We will show you how to change the pigs bed and manage it to ensure they are warm and comfortable. Then onto the feeding and getting a photo with both of our pigs (approx 20/25mins).


You will be shown how to bring hold a chicken (photo opportunity) and how to check their feathers and general wellbeing. The chickens will also benefit from a small tidy up in their hen house and you will collect their eggs for the day. These eggs will need dating and storing ready for you to take home. We will feed the hens and discussing their diet (approx 15/20mins). 


Please ensure you wear appropriate clothing and footwear. It's advised to wear wellies or walking boots, gloves and waterproof clothing. 


We ask you to join us with a sense of open-mindedness. When working with animals, the schedule revolves around them.